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No effect?

Did you know that modafinil doesn’t work for 3-4% of the population? Some people simply do not respond to it. This is true for all prescription drugs, not just modafinil.

If modafinil has worked for you in the past and you have been using it frequently, you may have built up a tolerance to the drug. For further information on how modafinil works, and why it may not work for you, visit this page >

Unfortunately, for health and safety purposes, we are unable to accept returns if you ordered the wrong pills. We only provide our customers with brand new pills. Please ensure that you purchase the correct product. To ascertain which product is right for you, you should read our reviews or order free samples to test each product.

If you believe that you have received a bad batch of pills, we can offer you a one-time free replacement, please contact our support.

However, we’re confident that our high manufacturing and handling standards ensure that you’ll receive premium quality products every time.

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